The history

From 1974 to present

The first Al Portico shop opened in 1974 as one of the many activities started by Rocco Silvestri in Livigno. The appearance is that of a small shop for the sale of duty free products and perfumes.

Al Portico name is linked to the arcade that characterizes it.

The store was near the TOTAL petrol station in front of the Spol Hotel, both owned by the Silvestri family.

The shop and the petrol station have always worked in synergy and phisically close to each other until December 2004. In that year the SHELL petrol station moved to the lake area and it became Q8 petrol station after few years.

In 1980 Quirino, Rocco son, became the manager of the business and started the first renovation of Al Portico.

In 1995 he decided to invest in the food sector rather than in the perfume industry. The exterior arachade were embedded in the sales surface in a way that the commercial area was expanded. Al Portico remained the logo of the supermarket.

2008 was the year of a deep structural restyling that gives us the Al Portico we know today: it was made a logo revision and it started the partnership with CRAI which became the official supply of goods.

The important news was then the opening hours: every day from 8am to 8pm. Al Portico offers the opportunity to have very convenient hours for shopping, and to guarantee in the meanwhile the quality of the products connected with the experience and the convenience of the CRAI brand.

A new chapter started on January 3, 2013. The second Al Portico supermarket opened in Via Freita replacing the former Kokodi nightclub. A new and modern selling area, even more beautiful and welcoming presents the butcher shop, the fishmonger, the ready meal section and the newsstand.
The new supermarket is spread over an area of 400 square meters, in a more modern and spacious environment. There is also a small coffee shop where you can read the newspaper while sipping a coffee.

The two Al Portico, in Via Dala Gesa and Via Freita, are the first and only supermarkets open every day, with a continuous opening time from 8am to 8pm. Both have a comfortable car park.

On July 3, 2016 Al Portico Supermarket located in Via Dala Gesa reopened after a further expansion of the sales surface. Shopping here is now much more convenient. And the most important news inside is the new butcher.



Two locations of Al Portico:
• Via Freita, 1602
• Via Dala Gesa, 266

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The municipality of Livigno enjoys the duty free status, therefore is exonerated from certain taxes, such as the VAT.

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We are in Via Freita 1602 and Via Dala Gesa 266.

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